Many things that surround us need energy. Cars need petrol to function, lightbulbs need electric current to shine and even people need food to keep living. Just like that, all mobile devices also require energy on a regular basis. Unlike people, smartphones and tablets just switch off if the battery runs out. This is a huge issue in our society filled with all kinds of devices. But once there’s a problem, there’s also a solution. In this case, power banks come to rescue us in urgent situations. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a power bank of any capacity, size and style. And we’d like to recommend you a great product – Joaao Power Banks.

We’ve reviewed many different power banks and it’s quite difficult to surprise us. However, this device managed to stand out of the whole selection of power banks on the market. So let’s find out what is so distinguishing about this particular accessory.

A little sidenote: in this review we will refer to the whole line-up that Joaao has, so don’t be surprised to see plurals. This company offers two models of power banks. In general, they are pretty much similar. The differences concern capacity, weight and price. The 12,000mAh model weighs 350g and costs $49.99 while the 20.000 weighs 440g and costs $59.99. Oh yes, and the colour selection is a bit different – the first model has silver option and the second one has black. Apart from all that, the power bank has the same design and functionality which we’re going to tell you about right now.

The most notable thing about Joaao power banks is their design. Most devices of this kind may offer much capacity but they are bulky and heavy. These power banks, however, are ultra-slim. Although their size is rather big – 17.5cm (6.89 inches) in height and 12cm (4.76 inches) – their main advantage is thickness. It is only 13mm (half an inch) thick. As a result, Joaao power banks have amazing portability. Without any problems you can put in your backpack or a messenger bag.
And on the whole, the power banks look very elegant. The design may remind someone a MacBook Pro, and that is a good sign. Brushed aluminium covers its entire body and rounded edges add some extra sleekness to the look.

Mobile power banks are super handy, and ultra slim mobile power banks are even handier.  I’ve been using the Joaao ultra slim power bank for over a week now and honestly I can’t believe I got along o.k. before I had this power bank in my life.  Cheesy? Yes, but true.  I have used other power banks that are smaller… which is really convenient.  But I like the POWER of the Joaao.  It’s got 20,000 mAh which means I can charge my phone 5-6 times before I have to worry about charging the charger.  That means I don’t need to worry about outlets on business trips and that I can keep it handy on the side of the couch and not need to get up to use the wall outlet.  Hurray!  But what I like most of all with the Joaao power bank is how quickly it charges my phone. With other power banks a full charge will take a few hours, but with the Joaao I was able to get a full charge in a little over a half hour.  Combine that with this being the cheapest power bank of it’s capacity available online and you’ve definitely got a winner.


  • Portable

  • Slim Line Design that easily fits into your back or front pocket.

  • Safety features include auto shut off and short circuit controls.

  • Dual USB ports you can choose to charge one or two devices at a time. 

  • Touch screen display shows all of the percentages available for charging.

3 Reasons Moms Need A Portable Phone External Battery

Reason #1 – Waiting Room Sanity

Picture this: You are sitting in the doctors office with your two and a half year old and one year old. The nurse comes out and says the doctor is delayed about 30 minutes and you were already 20 minutes early. Glancing at your phone, your heart drops because the two year old is begging to play the “letter” game and the battery is only at 18%. It definitely won’t make it the full hour wait and you still need it to call your husband after you leave. This is me A LOT! Unfortunately these experiences were frequent before I added the external phone battery to my purchases but it was the FIRST thing that came to mind when I found out about this incredible resource!

Reason #2 – Road Trip Saving Grace

Unfortunately our car is not equipped with DVD players but we do have tablets. While the battery on these lasts for a quick trip, it does not last for a long trip to another state! I know what you are thinking, “Couldn’t you get a cord that connects to the car?” Well, sure but usually those don’t reach all the way to the backseat AND they get in the way. PLUS, you can take it down to the beach all day to keep your music and e-books at your fingertips!

Reason #3 – Errand Running Rescue

Hello, mom life! Amirite? The grocery store, post office, Target …I mean the errands are never ending! You are not always in your car or near an outlet as you run around. My phone is in use A LOT while I am meal planning because I want to make sure I am sticking to my list and getting the best deal! I also use apps to save money like Cartwheel by Target and ShopKicks so I definitely need to make sure my phone is fully charged.